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Lalegno offers multilayer flooring and optimal stability, high durability and low installation costs. The top layer consists of noble wood and is glued on a stabilized wooden underlayment.


Engineered wood flooring is available in multiple grades that describe the type of wood used. The grade of the wood affects the overall appearance of the floor when installed, and is an important consideration when choosing a product. 


Classic grade will display a broad range of colour variation and will contain knots and fillers which delivers a lot of character and a very natural wood look finish. 

10 - brut

1 Square meter
    • More beautiful, year after year, there’s no comparing the refined feeling emanating from Oak wood. The grain and structure of Oak testify to a beauty, that only nature itself can make. The piece of nature that you bring into your home when installing an Oak floor, will even become more beautiful over the years and gain character and charm.
    • Hard, wear-resistant and durable, the impressive hardness, wear-resistance and durability of Oak will protect your wallet. An Oak floor will last for many years, is easily renovated and adaptable to changes in your interior style. So you do not have to replace your floor at the drop of a hat.
      Moreover, oak is resistant to insects and fungi. That makes for a better, more hygienic and healthier life at home.
    • Cleaning is fast and easy, unlike some other floor coverings, which can be a real dust magnet and sometimes even cause allergies, (Oak) wood is very fast and easy to keep clean.
    • Adds value to your home, an oak floor not only gives a sense of warm hospitality to your home or office, but also adds financial value to your property.
      Oak floors no longer need to cost a fortune. If you opt for Oak flooring, it’s an investment that can make you money, even if you want to sell your home in the long term.
    • Oak is versatile, Oak is easy to stain and to treat and fits perfectly with any style of interior design. What’s more, it allows you to play with length and width, completely changing the spatial effect of the living space.
    • Antistatic
  • Collection:




    1900mm x 190mm

    Total Thickness:


    Thickness top layer:


    Colour Finish:


    Wood Species:


    Surface Structure:



    Micro bevel Two long sides (0,50 mm)





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