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Our Mimesy Collection, Pine Wood Doors. The door to your new contemporary home. Express your individuality with the Mimesy collection. Embark on an exciting challenge and let the adventure begin.


Changing the way we live our life at home. What could be better than thinking of new ways to express your individuality. We consider our home to be a place that caters for all our needs. Taking this philosophy into consideration, this door has been designed with th same scrupulous style and quality to blend in with its surrondings to become 'invincible'. 


We have added matching Rubber Sealing to perfectly seal and minimize sound disturbance.


This door can even have a hidden handle.


The filomuro comes in primer finish, so it's easy if you want to paint it over or apply wall paneling to it.


Included in the price - Professional Installation & Handle of Choice.

filomuro - flush to wall

  • Collection: Materika

    Solid Finger-Joint Pine Wood with Honeycomb or Chipboard Filling

    Thickness: 45mm

    Wood species:

    Pine Wood, Laminate
    Glass Type: Satinato - Tempered Glass


    2 years

    • frame made of Pine Wood wrapped into laminate finish,
    • filling : glass or panels made of 22 mm-thick board wrapped into laminate finish,
    • doors can be made to measure
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