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We present an innovative built-in element for modern door casing that meets the increasing demands of architects, planners and building owners for room partition walls, which do not require any visible frame or hardware details. Our installation team can be your partner when planning and implement new, pioneering room concepts with its built-in element for hinged doors. 

A minimalist wall design can be achieved with a concealed door with no frame and hidden hardware. The high-quality materials and the workmanship, together with modern technology ensures a durable load-bearing capacity of the overall construction that meets the requirements of sustainable architecture.

The complete frameless door set is supplied with the aluminium casing, door, and hidden hinges.

sara-pro concealed door

  • Collection: Foiled Doors

    Solid MDF Fibreboard w/ honeycomb or chipboard filling

    Thickness: 40mm

    Wood species:

    Pressed wood, covered with foil or laminate
    Glass Type: Satinato - Tempered Glass


    2 years

    • door leaf is manufactured in the technology of wrapping of all the components into finish foil ENDURO,
    • frame made of MDF board covered with HDF boards and wrapped into finish foil ENDURO,
    • filling : glass or panels made of 22 mm-thick MDF board wrapped into finish foil ENDURO,
    • door leaf can be shortened by up to 40 mm,
    • width of single doors – 600 mm, 700 mm, 800 mm, 900 mm
    • width of double doors – from 1200 mm to 1800 mm
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